Rose Wine

This Rose is crisp, bright and more expressive than the view from any summit you climb! 


This Chardonnay explores bright and fresh notes that hit even the highest of peaks! 

Red Wine Blend

This red blend places a big footprint onto your palate with savory spices and bold fruit!

Cascadian Outfitters is committed to being your leading outdoor essential.

No matter your adventure, take it with a can!

Estate wine in a can?

You bet!  Because our adventurous drinkers like to take it along on hikes, picnics, bike rides and beach days.  Cascadian Outfitters is the “can-do” fit for everyday life!

From the award-winning estate vineyards of Goose Ridge.

Read on to learn more about our proud heritage!

Cascadian Outfitters … born in the proud tradition of Goose Ridge Estate Winery!

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The Magic of the Cascades

” Great wine grapes need sun to aid in the production of sugars, color development and heat accumulation for ripening.  The region of Washington State situated in the rain shadow of the Cascade Range provides a perfect environment! “

The Tri-Cities region enjoys sun 300 days a year – 16 hours per day during summer solstice!  And, the angle of the sun is comparable to the great wine regions of Northern Europe.  

Washington State also has some of the most dramatic temperature fluctuations of any wine region in the world. There is up to 40 degrees difference between highs and lows! Cool evenings preserve the acid, which translates through fermentation to the wine and adds freshness and balance.

Cascadian Outfitters represents the spirit of the great Cascades!